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Racing Woes and New Beginnings

Racing Woes and New Beginnings


It’s been over a month now since Lawless Alan has made the switch to Late Model racing from the Truck series. Many of you may have been asking, “Why the switch?”

This all came about after a gruesome wreck in the truck series involving Lawless and two other drivers.

In the 6th lap of the 40 lap race going into the back turn the number 9 car came too close to Lawless and clipped him on the left rear end. The contact forced Lawless up into the back turn luckily all the other cars were able to avoid Lawless but the number 44 car collided with the number 9 car unable to slip by the damaged vehicle. Fortunately, all the drivers were able to walk away from the wreck with minor injuries and only precautionary trips were taken to a near by hospital.

The young driver seemed unfazed by the wreck and eager to return to the track as soon as possible. “I’m just glad everyone is ok, this is the hard part of racing,” said Lawless, “we had the truck running really good, but I know I have a good team that will get me back on the track and I can’t wait to get out there and compete again.”

Although this wreck brought about an end to the number 25 truck it gave birth to the new Late model 25 car, and opens a new chapter chapter for the young driver. He now has four top 10 finishes in the late model race and sat third on the pole in his last race before radio issues cost him some position. Lawless had this to say, “I just want to thank my team and the sponsors for getting me back on the track, racing is just a joy for me and I am really happy to get the chance to continue to race this season.”


This is the Lawless first year driving the late model series and he is already becoming a contender the Track Marshall had this to say about the young driver in the driver meeting “we have a new driver the #25 Lawless Alan it’s his first time out there but we know he is going to be fast,” a fair warning to put all the other drivers on notice. Lawless will put his years of experience in the Truck series races to good use as he steps out in a newer faster car.